Terms and Conditions

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Barrett's Charter Coaches Pty Ltd

NSW RMS Accreditation No. 40195

ACT RTA Accreditation No. ACTBS114TC

Charter Booking Policies

Payment in full is required to confirm all bookings.

We will accept a non-refundable 50% booking fee or $500 whichever is higher to reserve a vehicle, venues and tour guide/organiser if necessary for your tour, however balance must be paid in full fourteen (14) days in advance.

In the event of a cancellation or full payment not being received within ten (10) days of the tour date, the booking fee is forfeited and the bus/coach hiring may be cancelled. The booking fee will not be refundable or transferable and we reserve the right to withhold the booking fee. However, if the hirer contacts our office we may allow the bond to be transferred to another booking within 12 months of the original tour date, by prior arrangements and agreement with us.

We may also request a "bond" to cover vehicle damage/vandalism or excessive cleaning fees. Any of the above may be charged and/or bond used to pay for such at our discretion. If we do choose to take a bond from you as the hirer, the amount and how such will be taken by us will be agreed upon as part of the quote process. Your bond will be returned to you in the same method as it was paid within 10-14 working days, provided there is no damage to the bus or business, or extra time taken outside what was agreed during the quoting process. Infringements that cause withholding of bond or part thereof are outlined below.

Drinks on the Bus  

Do not assume food and drinks will be allowed on our vehicles. No Food, Drinks or Alcohol will be permitted on our touring coaches except for genuine medical reasons. Water in a plastic bottle with a screw top lid is fine to be brought onboard.

Offensive Guests

DONT ARRIVE drunk or under the influence of drugs of any kind or you will be refused entry. We reserve the right to exclude any person(s) from the bus and/or refuse travel if they become socially offensive, abusive, disruptive and/or cause offence or inconvenience to others. We reserve the right to give your contact details to any person(s) making a complaint about any of your guests.

Unforeseeable Events

Traffic, street access and other conditions are unpredictable. If your vehicle does not arrive as expected we will not be held liable, we reserve the right to change the route the bus will take, or include or exclude any pre booked venues at our discretion, for whatever reason our staff decide at the time for things like eg: road accidents or closures, medical emergencies, bushfires, vehicle breakdowns, refusal of entry to venue/attractions etc.

Bus Cleaning and/or Damage

If the bus requires cleaning beyond what would be normally expected additional cleaning fees will apply. If the vehicle requires repairs as a result of your groups actions, the hirer will be responsible for the cost of these repairs. Any or all of a bond taken can be used for this reason, plus any additional costs forwarded to the hirer for immediate payment.

Substitute Vehicles

We reserve the right to substitute vehicles or supply subcontract vehicles of a similar standard at any time, for any reason as we see fit.
For unforeseeable events - we reserve the right to substitute in a vehicle with any or none of the features agreed to, to complete a journey.

Safety When Traveling

Any and all of any group are required to follow reasonable directions from our drivers or organiser/guide/host. If any reasonable directions are refused or if any safety related incident or event occurs this can result in person(s) or whole group being refused travel at any time and any payment made forfeited. We reserve the right to give your contact details to any person(s) in this case. eg Police / RMS / event organisers / venue etc.

Seatbelts (where fitted) must be worn at all times - Its the Law.

Video/DVD/Ipod/phone capability on some of our vehicles

Some of our vehicles have DVD and/or Video capability, Ipod/Iphone capabilities, this must be pre booked if you require such equipped vehicles for your charter, with our office when quoting. We take no responsibility for copyright infringement for movies/music supplied and viewed by your group, nor any offence taken by individual/s in your group for the content of such movies/music supplied by other members of your group. If any individual notifies our staff/drivers of such offence the material will be turned off until more suitable music/movies are found that are not offensive to others in the group.

Additional Time Penalty

Additional time should be planned. Unscheduled additional time that is a result of your groups actions is charged at rate of $100 per 30 minutes or part thereof. If a bond has been charged (as above) all or part of your bond may be forfeited as an additional time penalty plus any additional costs billed to the hirer.


We may have a tour guide/organiser on board who will take photos on our behalf, they will be identifiable by wearing our corporate uniform. These photos may be published on our web site or social media. If you do not want these photos to be published on our web site or social media you can advise us prior to the event, during the event or after your charter. If you do not like any or all of your photos that are published, let us know in writing, email is fine, and they can be removed.

Complaints Policy

Barrett’s Charter Coaches recognises that our customers have the right to provide us with feedback – this assists us develop our service. Our aim is to turn any dissatisfied passengers into satisfied repeat customers.

We believe the best method of resolving complaints/disputes should they arise is with open communication between both parties.

Complaints can be made via our website using the contact us/online form facility, email, or by telephoning our office during business hours, and will be managed using the companies complaints management procedure, guided by RMS guidelines.

Lost Property

Please notify us of any lost property you believe you may have left on one of our vehicles, you can do this by the contact us/online form on our website, email, or telephoning our office during business hours. We need specific information when looking for lost property including: Name address and telephone number of the customer and hirer, a detailed description of the item, date and time of loss, and service on which the item was lost.

Any property found on our vehicles for example during cleaning, is entered onto our “lost property found” register, and the hirer contacted to arrange return of the item/s.

Privacy Policy

Personal information collected by Barrett’s Charter Coaches is for the primary purpose of securing Bus and Coach Charter, and tour sales for the intended person(s).

We will not release your details except where required to by law, or after an unsafe/unlawful act has occurred to the relevant parties to allow reporting of incidence/s.

Your Email address used when quoting may be added to our mailing list to allow you to take us up on special offers or upcoming tours/events that we may wish to make you aware of. If you don’t want your email added, or if we have it added and you would like it removed please let us know, or use the unsubscribe link where provided.

Any personal information gathered by us will not be released for any form of commercial gain and will be maintained in a secure location as per the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988.